Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Heresy Has a Face and a Name

Holy Father, most revered brothers...
...I know that we are all tired and have grown weary of nuance.
So...Witness! I speak plainly now...there is a sickness in our presence...
...An apostasy in the hearts of some gathered here -- we have all witnessed it -- we all suffer from its influence.
A question has been put before us and a choice must be made: Is Christ God, or, and it angers me to even mouth the words, simply a created artifact of the celestial godhead?
There is someone here that would have us accept the second and risk the salvation of souls and the betterment of our earthly existence.
This Heresy has a face and a name...
...Arius of Alexandria.
Progenitor of Arian doctrine.
- Pax Romana
by Jonathan Hickman

Dudes with funny hats sure did not like Arius.

Again, check out that awesome Hickman artwork.

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