Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Faith Without Doubt

...She said there can be no true faith without doubt.
"It's the dissenting voice that's most worth preserving."
- Archer & Armstrong #3
by Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry with Pere Perez

Sunday, July 27, 2014

MitchWords: Part Eleven

Searching for the truth through stained glass windows,
Covered up in shame, things that only I know,
Strike a match and light another candle,
Raise my hands a sing a pretty song.
If anybody knew this ugliness inside me,
Would they throw a stone, would the crucify me?
How heavy was the crown of thorns? I wonder if I'm too far gone?

“Dark Hills” by Day of Fire

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ammunition for the Culture War

A guy like Clyde Birch knows he can just roll in, latch on, and ride our town right into international headlines.
And it's not just the right wing assholes.
Every leftie, atheist "progressive" is just waiting for a scientific explanation for Revival Day so they can do a little dance on the grave of organized religion.
We let them keep this up, and we're gonna have Ted Nugent and the Dixie Chicks playing dueling benefit concerts on Highway 51.
The riot we saw today is gonna look like a bar fight compared to the shit we're gonna have to deal with if this escalates.
I hate to say it, Mayor. I do. But we're not people anymore. We're ammunition for the culture war.
-Revival # 8
by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton