Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Air Jesus

Galilee Corner, The West Side:
Go on! Go for it!
We believe!
Air Jesus
- Transmetropolitan #5
by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson

In issue 5 of Transmetropolitan, the journalist Spider Jerusalem spends the day watching television to gain a better understanding of current culture. One of the commercials is for a fancy new brand of shoe that allows the wearer to walk on multiple surfaces, including water. So what is it called and marketed as?

Air Jesus.

And you thought the commercialization of Christmas was bad? What about the commercialization of Christianity in general? Retailers are turning the faith into a market base. Probably worse, ministries and Christian organizations are turning into retailers, transforming their congregants into customers.

How many churches out there now have a bookstore or gift shop in them?

Also, we now have Christian theme parks. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful thing? Apparently there's one in Florida called The Holy Land Experience. I learned about it recently when Herman Cain spoke there. A reporter at the event found some of the cardboard cutouts at the theme park to be rather noteworthy.

Yeah, that's Jesus wearing a t-shirt and jeans while riding a motorcycle. I can see something like this set up next to a display of Air Jesus shoes for sale.

I'm sure Warren Ellis intended the Air Jesus commercial to be absurd and hilarious. Honestly, I would be rather surprised if someone out there isn't already marketing Jesus-themed footwear.

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