Monday, December 12, 2011

No One Will Expect This Out of the Church

I'm having the scientists watched and, honestly, no one will expect this out of the Church.
We can take comfort in the fact that, as usual, most people remain ignorant of how aggressively we have been funding scientific research.
It is ours and there are no others.
- Pax Romana
by Jonathan Hickman
Science and religion. They don't go together. Do they?  They have been at odds during periods in history, this is true. It could be interpreted as partly true today as the battle between creationism and evolution rages on.

But can they go together? Absolutely. In a way, they actually have the same goal and seek the same answers. Both science and theology attempt to understand the universe and how it works. Science usually looks at it through physical matters while theology takes the spiritual route. But they can overlap and complement each other. And I think they should.

Honestly, I think both become increasingly interesting when they overlap and work together. And I mean legitimately cover the same ground, not being twisted into absurd propaganda (like exclaiming that such and such a protein is sometimes shaped like a cross if you squint and use your imagination and this is proof that God created us and loves us. Seriously, people say such things).

In summary, let me just say this:

The Penguin is a natural enemy of The Batman.
This has been a Creation Moment.

Man, I hope you guys have a sense of humor...

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