Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sam's Club Bans the Bible!

How's that for a sensational headline?

I woke up and found this news and thought I'd share, even though it's about a month old, apparently. But yes, Sam's Club did pull from their shelves a Bible. A graphic adaptation of the Bible. A graphic adaptation of the Bible that uses Legos.


Mature Content.

CNET has the news here and a Lego blog also comments on it here.

The banned Bible is a book version of Brendan Smith's website The Brick Testament. You may be somewhat familiar with this site since I used a panel from it for a Graphic Bible post about cutting off foreskins.

See, this is what I have been talking about. Forget Harry Potter, parents need to start standing up in church and warning that the Bible is too dark and raunchy for kids to read! Seriously, what responsible parent would let their child read the Bible?

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