Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Morning Theology Hangover

You know the drill. Yesterday was Wednesday. I bought some new releases after work, spent the evening reading them, and I spend my morning sipping coffee and writing random thoughts about them. No, I don't assign a grade or a score for each comic. I've watched too much Adam Sessler to do that. But, hopefully from the short reaction I give to each issue, one can get a sense that I either like it or didn't like it. However, I am ever the optimist, especially about  things I paid cold hard cash for, so if I even seem to waffle on whether an issue is good or not, you should probably take that as an indication that you can go ahead and skip it.

Should I do a pick of the week? Is that what people do? Fine. Let's give it a try. Now, it won't necessarily be the best by literary or artistic criteria each time, but more along the lines of just what I enjoyed reading the most each Wednesday night.

Pick of the Week: The Fuse #3

Star Wars Legacy II #14
Ania Solo is still on the run from bounty hunters on a harsh planet that rains shards of broken glass and drops of boiling acid. Yeah, that sounds like a Star Wars story I want to read. Plus, the art really captures the atmosphere. It's not crisp and clean, but muddled and almost dirty. The universe looks worn and lived in, much like the Original Trilogy (and especially in comparison to the prequels). Get your Star Wars comics from Dark Horse while you still can, folks.

Tomb Raider #3
I wish this was a better comic. I wish it was more like Red Sonja, which is also written by Gail Simone, and is excellent. This is still a step up from the rocky start of the first issue. If I hadn't enjoyed the dang game so much I probably wouldn't keep getting this. But at least the final panel offers some interesting possibilities for future issues.

The Fuse #3
I like this. I wasn't sure about it at first, but the police procedural is quite well done. Plus, it all takes place on a giant space station. I am honestly surprised by how much I have come to enjoy this series. Good times.

Manhattan Projects #20
So one day Einstein from an alternate world came through a portal to Earth and sent our Einstein back to his world. Our Einstein finally made it back and this issue recounts his tale of hopping from alternate world to alternate world while trying to get back home. Yeah, the Manhattan Projects is awesome like that.

The Walking Dead #126
It's The Walking Dead, so it's good, and this wraps up the current "All Out War" storyline. But it was over quite quick. Like, it felt noticeably short. Oh well.

Sovereign #2
I wasn't going to get this. The first issue was unique, but I didn't find it extraordinarily compelling. But it was there on the shelf and I grabbed it and I think I am glad I did. So far each issue tells three separate stories taking place in the same fantasy world. I assume these stories are related but currently they seem fairly distinct. But as the mythology develops I find myself slightly intrigued. Maybe I'm not as intrigued by what it is so far, but by what it has the potential to become. That said, I find myself in the same position as I was after reading the first issue: unsure of whether I will pick up the next one.

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