Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Morning Theology Hangover

"I don't sleep because sleep is the cousin of death."

Actually I don't sleep because my throat feels like it's filled with shards of glass and I'm worried my chest will rupture with every violent coughing fit that strikes me. But, coughing yourself awake at 4am gives you the prime opportunity to finish the comics you bought last night but weren't able to finish.

So, I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Star Wars #16
Brian Wood's Star Wars series takes place out of the normal Expanded Universe continuity, so anything can happen. But it takes place in such a short time span that, if pressed, you could make the case for fitting it in, somewhere, into the canon. That time frame is after the battle of Yavin and before the Rebels have set up a new base on Hoth. Before Hoth, the Rebel Alliance finds another inhabited planet to call home. They will become allies with the planet on the condition that Princess Leia marries the prince of the planet's royal house. This makes Luke all mopey. Well, extra mopey. Anyway, in this issue there are some hints at nefarious backroom dealings going on and that the planet may not be that great choice of a base location. Like the other Star Wars titles I'm reading, this is just enjoyable and fun. Again, sad this will end when Dark Horse loses the license.

Coffin Hill #7
The last issue wrapped up the first story arc and this issue acts as an interlude before the next arc starts. Honestly, I could have done without it. I hate saying that, because I really am quite the optimist when it comes to comics (especially ones I pay cover price for). While it offered some background, which may become important later in the series, it just didn't drive the story forward. Further, this is a book that really won me over at first by how hauntingly mesmerizing Inaki Miranda's art is. But Miranda took a break from this issue (likely working on the next story arc), and the guest artist, while certainly not bad, just isn't Miranda. And the whole thing just seems off because of it. I think it's kind of like when Mark Buckingham doesn't draw a particular issue of Fables. Sure the guest artist might be really great, but it doesn't quite feel like it's Fables. While this issue is by no means a bad comic on it's own, it just felt like a letdown after what I've come to expect from Coffin Hill. Honestly, the best part of this issue may be the cover by Dave Johnson. Boy do I love Dave Johnson covers.

FBP #9
What is reality? If you came across an alternate reality, how would you determine which reality was the primary or "real" reality? I think that's what this issue is about? Because, like, physics, man. It can be pretty trippy. For anyone afraid of things getting technical in their literature, this issue dabbles more into the philosophical side of physics than the, um, science-y, bit. Yeah, FBP is weird and good and at times the art is just pretty. Yeah, pretty. I said it.

Manifest Destiny #6
Lewis and Clarke and their crew spend this issue eradicating an army of forest animals turned into zombies by an intelligent flora infestation. Yup, that is the plot of this issue, and it wraps up the first story arc. Like many other books nowadays, Manifest Destiny is taking a short break before starting the next story arc. This gives me time to decide whether I will keep getting single issues or just wait for it in trade. While I love the premise of the book, I can't help think that it might read better in one sitting instead of spanning the course of six months. Decisions, decisions.

Invincible #110
Man, that is a nice cover. And it ominously signals that things are changing for Invincible, especially in his personal life. The past couple issues have implied the status quo in this book will dramatically change, and we see that happen here. And it gets twisted. Okay, Invincible has never exactly been an all ages book. It's geared more for a teen audience with its superhero violence and, on occasion, gore. It's tackled some deep issues but, for the most part, has been a relatively clean comic as far as Puritan American sensibilities go. These past couple of issues are definitely pushing past that into more mature territory. Part of me dislikes that, because I really enjoy Invincible as a happy go lucky superhero book. But I can understand this development as a natural progression. As Invincible, the teenage superhero, grows up and becomes more adult, so too do the situations and problems he faces. After 110 issues, I think Invincible deserves the chance to explore new territory.

The Walking Dead #125
Why aren't you reading this? Seriously? Look at how often this comes out now! Robert "Behind Schedule" Kirkman is knocking it out of the park with these release dates!

Deadpool #27
I debated heavily over getting this issue. But why? I always get Deadpool. I always love Deadpool. And I loved this issue, too. But did I ten dollars love it? WHAT! Yup, that is correct, the cover price on Deadpool #27 is $9.99. Yup, that is steep. So, was it worth it? Well, maybe? See, this is the special issue 27 anniversary/wedding issue. Wait, how is 27 issues an anniversary of anything? Well, it isn't, but you may recall that a certain character called Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27 way back in 1939, so that number can sometimes carry some significance in the comic book world. And if you're Deadpool, you grab a hint of that significance and run with it as far as you can. Also, Deadpool gets married in this issue, which comes out of nowhere in the current storyline of the series. But, again, it's Deadpool, so you shouldn't expect things to make sense. And yes, that story is pretty good, but it's not ten dollars good. But then you add in the staggering number of backup stories by creators who have had at least some impact on Deadpool since his creation nearly 30 years ago and, yeah, you're hitting that ten dollar value. None of them are bad. Some of them are really good. I didn't think any particular story was outstandingly great. But there are a lot of them! Seriously, this is a hefty comic. I was unsure if the staples were going to hold it together! I did not finish this in one sitting. I had to take a break between backup stories because it is a lot of Deadpool to read all at once. Also, the cover is crazy amazing and apparently was even awarded the Guinness World Record for most unique comic book characters on a cover.

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