Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Morning Theology Hangover

All right! Look at this! I did another thing on time! Crazy! Okay, so it helped that my purchase pile wasn't too big this week. Man, just imagine if I included digital comics in this. That would be incredibly unwieldy. You have no idea. But here, on this Thursday morning, I present to you the print comic books I read last night. I hope you enjoy. I sure did.

The Star Wars #7
This is a mini series adapting George Lucas' original draft for Star Wars. It is weird. In a good way. I think. The dialogue tends to be stilted, but that's probably a result of Lucas' own dialogue (have you seen The Phantom Menace?). The art, however, is gorgeous. The action, like the dialogue, can be a bit stilted, but some aspects, particularly faces, are just delightful to behold. The story, overall, is kind of a muddled mess. But if you're a Star Wars fan then this read will be kind of trippy. It's so familiar, yet radically different. The whole trilogy is condensed into one adventure, but in a jumbled order. In this issue, we basically get the battle of Endor (on Yavin) followed directly by the infiltration of the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia. So, again, if you are a fan of Star Wars, this is definitely worth the read. Also, this issue has lots and lots of Wookies.

Ms. Marvel #3
I'm still giving the new Ms. Marvel a try. After the amazing first issue, the follow up didn't quite hit the same note. But the third issue is back in form as it focuses more on Kamala's personal life while she is still trying to figure out her new found powers and what that may mean for her life. It has more of the charm and humor that I found so endearing in the debut issue. More of the main thesis comes to light in this issue, which I interpret thusly: "What if an awkward, nerdy teenager obsessed with superheroes suddenly gained super powers?"

The Mercenary Sea #3
Like Ms. Marvel, I'm still testing the waters of The Mercenary Sea (pun intended). I'm noticing more and more in my endeavors that different art styles I'm not used to do not please me at first. But they can grow on me quickly. This happened with Saga, The Walking Dead, probably others, and now The Mercenary Sea. Panels look like they are straight out of a classic animated movie, which certainly fit the 1930s adventure setting. Plus, this issue throws in the mystery of a legendary island. So, yeah, I will most likely get the next issue.

The Unwritten Apocalypse #4
If you've read this blog for any length of time at all you should be aware that I love The Unwritten and how it delves into the nature and significance of stories. I look forward to each issue with excitement and dread, for I know that each wonderful installment brings the series closer and closer to its inevitable end. With that in mind, this certainly isn't exactly a good jumping on point. But it is definitely continuing with the high level of quality I expect from the series.

Pretty Deadly #5
This came out a couple weeks ago but I just found it at the local comic shop today. Pretty Deadly is a western about Death and legends and...stuff? I need to reread it. This issue wraps up the first arc and I finally understood who the main characters were in it. Don't get me wrong, the comic is good, I just had a hard time following the story in the way it was told and presented to me. This feels like one of those that would make more sense when read all at once instead of periodically. That being said, while I am interested in reading more Pretty Deadly, I will probably wait and get the next story arc when it is collected in trade.

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