Saturday, January 14, 2012

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I don't usually post things on a weekend, but this hasn't exactly been a normal week for me or Wednesday Theology, has it? So let's keep the ball rolling.

I really just wanted to say, Wow, you guys are incredible. I really felt like I was stretching myself with the first column of MitchWords, but the response has been encouraging. It quickly shot up to the top with the most views any post on this blog has ever received. So far. You can see the top 5 viewed posts to the left of this chunk of text you're currently reading under the heading "Popular Posts."

The reaction has been extremely supportive and positive, which makes me think that I should definitely continue MitchWords and trying to give you some insight into what goes on in the life of the writer of Wednesday Theology. Maybe the way to make Wednesday Theology more accessible to others is to make myself more accessible to others. For me, that is a scary thought. But it's 2012. My old world has crashed and burned. This year might as well be a year filled with new and scary things.

Also, if you'll look to your right (and maybe down a bit) you'll notice a spiffy little carousel widget that shows off some books that I've recently read or am currently reading. Check them out if you want. I don't expect you to buy them (or even inspect them closely), but seeing what I'm reading might help you understand what I'm writing. Plus, it looks cool.

Once again I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who has been praying for me and putting up with me in this disconcerting time. I've heard words of sincere comfort from folks that I haven't talked to in some time. I reach out to you and you reach out to me. Amazing how that works.

Thank you.

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