Friday, January 6, 2012

Beast of the Apocalypse

I've had it with all this Beast-of-the-Apocalypse crap!
- Hellboy: Box Full of Evil
by Mike Mignola

Hellboy is fed up with all your 2012 apocalypse hysteria. 
Okay, not really. Well, maybe he is, but that's not the context of this panel. Hellboy has just had a crazy adventure with the supernatural and now Astaroth, the crowned prince of Hell, is trying to persuade Hellboy to fulfill his destiny and, you know, destroy the world and all that.

Hellboy's kind of tired of hearing this. It must be hard trying to be a good guy and constantly encountering evil demons that tell you that you're actually one of them. But Hellboy just tells the legions of Hell, "Screw you."

Maybe that's what we need to do more often. When we face temptations and evil, just say, "Screw you." Yeah, one could totally make a whole sermon out of this and how we should emulate Hellboy. And the great punchline would be, of course, that Hellboy is the Beast of the Apocalypse!

As you can tell, I rather enjoy an unorthodox protagonist.

Oh, and if you're not already persuaded to read some Hellboy, this is the story with a monkey.

A monkey with a gun.

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