Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Site News; Apologies

You have probably noticed by now that there has been an interruption in the regular schedule of updates to this blog. I sincerely apologize for this. My schedule this past week has been quite odd. Plus, there's that whole situation detailed in the first two installments of MitchWords.

Things may be slow for awhile, but Wednesday Theology is not going away. Hopefully it never goes away. Think of this as a transitional period. I may not be flooding this blog with posts of devilishly clever writing, but I am engrossed in reading and deeply reflecting on Wednesday Theology. I fear that the blog may be getting bogged down with my personal life. But then part of me is starting to think that this blog is actually being illuminated by the revelations of my life. Perhaps it is a way for these ideas to surpass pure academia and exhibit the way it can affect a life.

My life.

Maybe I no longer simply do Wednesday Theology, but live it as well. That means a lot more of me must be infused with this blog. That should be a frightening thought for everyone.

As I write this, I'm sipping delicious Cinnamon Spice coffee from a Batman coffee mug. The Batman symbol means various things to various people. Over the past few months it primarily reminds me of the First Truth of Batman. I know I've mentioned that several times. It's probably getting old. But to me it is still fresh and new every time I am reminded of it.

I have friends. And I need them.

Such is Batman. Such is Mitch.

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