Monday, January 20, 2014

Comic Snaps

I would pray too if I was attacked by a raptor - Runaways Vol 1
Hey you guys! Have I ever told you how much I love Saga? Or Y: The Last Man? Well, I do! Recently I grabbed some digital trades of another series authored by Brian K. Vaughan, Marvel's Runaways. And boy, it is good!

I keep forgetting my passwords these days - Runaways Vol 1

Okay, this is obviously not from Runaways. Or is it? - Judge Dredd #1

Not always interchangeable terms - Runaways Vol 1

Raptors are always cause for caution - Runaways Vol 1

Um.... (runs away) - Runaways Vol 1

Raptors can run 10 meters a second and they know no fear!!! - Runaways Vol 1

Harsh, man - Runaways Vol 1

Princess Powerful! - Runaways Vol 1

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