Monday, October 3, 2011

Thwipster: The Unwritten

Good morning, AFB!

You guys know how much I love The Unwritten, don't you? Well, you should, considering how many of the daily quotes have so far been taken from the series. If you've ever been curious about the full story behind those quotes, today is a good day to find out!

Right now, the first 3 trade paperback collections of the series are on sale at Thwipster for 40%-46% off the cover price!

What are trade paperbacks (or TPBs), you ask? They are multiple issues of a series collected into one book.  Each of these volumes contain 6 issues of The Unwritten. So if you were to get them all, you could feast on 18 issues of meta fiction awesomeness that will wrinkle your brain!

What is Thwipster, you ask? Thwipster is a daily deal site like Woot or Teefury, but for comic books and other nerdy paraphernalia.  Thwipster keeps each item available for 3 days or until they sell out. They often sell out before the 3 days are up.

So should you dive in and read The Unwritten, you ask? Well, maybe. I certainly love it and would recommend it. But I can understand if others would disagree with me.  Right now the series is kind of like LOST. It is high concept with lots of mysteries and questions, but is really slow at giving answers or any kind of payoff. So if a slow-burn story isn't your thing, you might want to hold off for awhile. Also, it's a Vertigo title (and Thwipster's site says it's a week of Vertigo, so there might be more deals for me to get overly excited about), so the book will be filled with mad swears and other such things we label as "mature" for some reason.

That said, it is a wonderful examination of stories, how they work, and how they affect us. So, you know, whether you're down with that or not, I will certainly keep talking about it.

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