Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Because You Believe

And I know you can't answer me. Speak with one voice, or anything.
Because you're not one voice. You're all of them. Hobbes's whale, not Sinbad's or Jonah's, or Munchhausen's.
And Hobbes's whale was just a symbol. It stood for the power of the masses. A billion living things making up one huge entity.
I think you're that. Kind of--the collective unconsciousness, or something.
The fictional unconsciousness. The minds of all the millions of people who read my father's books. Or any books, maybe.
All those minds, focused on him--on Tommy. And through Tommy, on me.
The monster said you need leverage to move worlds. That's it, isn't it? Any leverage I've got comes from you.
You're what Wilson plugged me into.
I can use a magic wand because you believe--for as long as you're reading the book--that Tommy can use a magic wand.
I exist in the suspension of your disbelief.
- The Unwritten #23
by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

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