Monday, October 17, 2011

Temple Moment

When Jesus was twelve years old, it's said the boy was missing and his poor mom and dad had just about bitten their nails down to the knuckles with worry.
Like all good parents, they assumed the worst until they heard he was talking in the Temple with all the scribes and Pharisees and they wondered what the hell was going on.
When they reached the Temple, they saw their twelve-year old son hanging around and holding court with some of the finest minds in Judea in those days.
And that's when it hit them, the Bible says. That's when they realized that everything they'd been told about this kid had been absolutely real.
You see, up until that point they just couldn't be certain. Sure, they'd had visitations and omens and stuff like that, but they'd toilet-trained this little boy.
They'd taught him how to walk and talk: How could this be the Son of God when Mary and Joseph still had to wipe his nose from time to time?
- Chosen #1
by Mark Millar and Peter Gross

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