Monday, September 26, 2011

A Poisoned Story

Savoy: So what's special about Jud Suss?
Lizzie: Goebbels turned it inside out. Turned it into its own opposite. Tommy! Tommy where are you?
Savoy: Don't evade the question, lady.
Lizzie: I"m not. It was a novel written by a Jew from a Jewish perspective. It became the most successful anti-Semitic movie of all time. Think about it.
Savoy: I'm thinking. Nothing is happening.
Lizzie: It's a canker. If you torture a story, it turns into a canker. This whole place formed around it--that's how powerful it is.
Lizzie: It--Wilson calls it a canker. It happens when a story gets corrupted or complicated too much. When the energy inside it gets poisoned.
Tom: So this is because of Goebbels? Because of the movie?
Lizzie: It's because of the contradictions. In the novel, Suss sins, but finds salvation through his religion. In the movie, he's just a monster. When enough people had seen the movie--there was a crisis. An imbalance.
 - The Unwritten #11
by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

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