Friday, September 30, 2011

Daily Batman

Hey, AFB. I've got a question for you. Remember that unnecessarily sentimental post I did yesterday (now here!) that I rewarded you with at the end with an awesome picture of Batman?  Would any of you be interested in more of that? And by more of that I mean more awesome pictures of Batman.

I think I might try to throw up an awesome picture of Batman on a daily basis and call it the Daily Batman. Clever, I know.  My main worry is that I might be limiting myself by making it just Batman. What if I run out of awesome pictures of Batman? Impossible! Haha. More likely, what if I come across other awesome comics pictures that I might want to share with the lovely Avid Fan Base?

Simple. Not only does Batman mean "Batman," but it also means "Awesome." So I'm covered either way.  Excellent.

Oh, and I know some of you might be asking, "What do daily pictures of Batman have to do with theology?" And I see what you're saying. But it's Batman. So your argument is invalid.

So here it is, your first true Daily Batman.

Cover to Batman: The Dark Knight #1. Art by David Finch.