Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember

Why, yes, of course I'm watching V for Vendetta today. The graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd have basically made today a geek holiday. Actually, the graphic novel, along with the 2006 movie adaptation, have transcended geek culture and infected the zeitgeist of today's youth.

The Guy Fawkes mask from the fictional V for Vendetta is most often associated with the real life hacker/activist group Anonymous. But it's also been used by other protest groups, such as the current Occupy movements. Regardless of what I feel about these groups, I find it incredibly interesting how a symbol in a fictional story transformed into a very real symbol in our real world. I think of it as an example of stories and modern myths bleeding into our world. Indeed, most academic discussions about comic books take the position that they have formed the mythology of the 20th century.

Comics Alliance recently interviewed the illustrator of V for Vendetta, David Lloyd, about the legacy of the graphic novel and his opinions on the current use of the Guy Fawkes symbol:
Comics Alliance: What do you hope the future holds for the character V?

David Lloyd: A future as a symbol of protest for all those who feel they need to use it as such.
In the end, the actions and motivations of the real life Guy Fawkes have become irrelevant as his face has become a symbol for any that wish to take a stand against what they perceive to be injustice.  A symbol from a comic book has become a symbol in real life.

From the movie.
From real life.

Behold the power of a story.

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