Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Morning Theology Hangover

It's Thursday! For those of you who don't know, that means that yesterday was Wednesday (duh) and new comics were released (yay). I try to read what I buy Wednesday night and write about it Thursday morning. This is nothing fancy, just a short paragraph on each issue to give my general impression. If something sounds interesting, go try it out! Or hit me up through the various forms of internet communication available and ask about something that intrigues you. Also I tried to do something new with the covers this week. I'm sorry.

Pick of the Week: CMYK #1

Umbral #6
Herein ends the first story arc of Umbral, and it is probably the best issue since the debut issue. What I mean to say is I rather enjoyed this issue, but I feel it's too little, too late. For me, at least. Critics on the internet seem to love this title. People I respect love this title. But I just couldn't get into it. I stuck with it through the first storyline, but I don't think I will continue, at least not in single issues. If the next story arc receives great buzz, I may pick it up in trade, but that won't be for nearly a year from now. Anyways, if your opinion of this has been much more favorable than mine, you will still have to wait a bit for the next issue as this will go on hiatus for a few months so the creators can make sure each issue of the next arc comes out on time.

Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1
A new Star Wars series from Dark Horse? So close to the end? Wow! Well, to be fair it is only a four issue miniseries and had probably been in the works before Disney announced it was taking the Star Wars license in house to Marvel. Anyway, this issue follows a normal, everyday dude in the Star Wars universe that wants to join the Rebellion against the Empire. He goes to make contact with a Rebel agent who turns out to be none other than the legendary Han Solo. And as things go with Solo, the situation inevitably goes wrong and falls into chaos. The issue is told from the perspective of the new recruit and is all about hero worship. Solo is a legend, an idol, and a selfish rogue who ultimately disappoints the lofty expectations of the recruit. It ends on a cliffhanger, but supposedly each subsequently issues follows a different hero of the Star Wars universe and an everyday person encountering them. So somehow all those stories must connect together? I don't know how that works. But it's Star Wars! And it's pretty dang good Star Wars at that.

This year Vertigo, DC's mature imprint, is releasing a quarterly anthology with each issue focusing on one of the four colors of inks used to print ye olde comic books of  yesteryear. Those colors are cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). Each issue will use the color as a theme or inspiration for the stories contained within. Yeah, I wasn't sure how that was going to work, either. But I have to tell you, I liked this issue. It contains a ton of short stories from great creators dealing with everything from serial killer street art to ice cream vendor werewolf...uh, things. The problem and blessing of an anthology is you never really know what you're going to get. So each story is a surprise, whether it's good or bad. Really, I liked most of these stories. Some were merely all right, but some I would like to go back and read over and over again. Now, the price is rather steep at $8, but this is a long book with lots of content. I think it was around 80 pages, which is about equal to that massive Deadpool #27, but two dollars cheaper! Like that Deadpool issue, I took a break in the middle of reading this because it was that long. Really, it's a good deal, and since it's quarterly I won't be laying down that much cash every few weeks. It's a neat experiment by Vertigo and I look forward to Magenta.

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