Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Morning Theology Hangover

Yesterday was, of course, Wednesday. This is what I read:

Invincible #109
I still hold that Invincible is Robert Kirkman's love letter to the superhero genre. It hits all the common plot lines, events, and tropes littered throughout 70 plus years of comic book history. While Kirkman's more popular book, The Walking Dead, is grim and dark, Invincible is just plain fun. Last issue ended with the title character trapped in an alternate dimension. I could easily see this story arc lasting several issues to resolve, but Kirkman ramps up the pace. So, at the end of this issue, instead of continuing to wonder what Invincible will do to get back home, I'm left wondering what he will do when he gets back home to the one who stranded him in that alternate dimension. Things are probably going to get a bit messy in the Invincible family.

Manifest Destiny #5
What if the official motive for the Lewis & Clark expedition was actually a cover for the real mission? What was the real mission? Why, to kill all the monsters living in the American Northwest so it would be safe for US expansion and settlement. If that basic premise interests you at all, you should check this title out. This issue sees the expedition escaping a nasty situation on land and returning to their boats. But instead of turning back or even continuing on their genre, the crew rearm themselves and head back into the forest to confront all the strange beasts and plant zombies that previously attacked them. Lewis and Clark aren't content with merely surviving these monsters, they insist on exterminating them.

FBP #8
The laws of physics have begun to break down so frequently that the government has established a Federal Bureau of Physics. This issue starts a new arc as the main character, Agent Adam Hardy, gets to know his new partner. This includes lots of physics talk, pool hustling, reminiscing on the past, and a moose. For the most part it seems like one of those quiet, character driven issues which I think can be far more compelling than chaotic action scenes. But then the last page took me by surprised and I'm not sure what anything I just read actually means in the story. I like that and am looking forward to the next installment.

Star Wars #15
Brian Wood is writing a Star Wars series that takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. This territory has been covered before in the Expanded Universe, but Wood is mostly ignoring that and going his own way. So this is, um, non-canonical Expanded Universe? Even though the Expanded Universe is itself, I guess technically, non-canonical? Whatever, ignore all that. Just read it for the Star Wars goodness of it all. The Rebel Alliance is looking for a new base after Yavin, and they think they have found a suitable one. And no, it's not Hoth. Everything looks promising, but there exists one complication. The whole agreement between the planet and the Alliance is contingent on Princess Leia marrying the prince of the planet's royal family. Interestingly, Luke Skywalker is more bothered by this than Han Solo. This book has been a fun read, and I'll be sad to see it go pretty soon. If you hadn't heard, with Disney buying both Marvel and Lucasfilm, they are obviously moving the Star Wars license from Dark Horse to Marvel. So all these great Star Wars titles that are out now will soon cease. I don't know what Marvel intends to do with Star Wars, but man, Dark Horse has done some incredible things with the license.

Coffin Hill #6
Issue six wraps up the first story arc in this tale about a family of affluent New England witches and the evil that lives in the woods near their mansion. This issue plays it fast and loose, concluding the plot with great expediency, though at the price of some coherency. But honestly this is one of those titles that I only partially get for the story. The art is magnificent and fits the creepy tone well. Sometimes panels are downright frightening and make me unsettled as I read it. I find it fascinating that it can evoke such an emotional response from me.

The Walking Dead #123
Seriously. Why aren't you reading this? Seriously.

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