Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MitchWords: Part Ten

I know I haven't written a MitchWords post in quite a while. I didn't know just how until right now. The last MitchWords I wrote was a year ago. Today. So, if nothing else, I guess we can have an obligatory birthday MitchWords.


I wasn't sure what all I was going to write here. I suppose I was just going to ramble about life, love, and Batman. But then I just skimmed through the previous MitchWords and I don't know if I have anything to say other than repeating my words from a year ago.

But first, I notice one glaring discrepancy between last year and this year: my attire. I have to go change.

Back. Yes, I did just go throw on a shirt and tie. Look professional, write professional. I know some people think it's silly, but I view it as a mentality geared toward inspiration and productivity. And sadly it is a mentality I have noticeably lacked lately. I don't prepare to write Wednesday Theology in this manner anymore. Maybe that's why there are such long gaps between posts. Let's be honest: I barely write anything anymore. And that is utterly tragic. Okay, that may have sounded arrogant, but what I mean is that this should be a priority in my life.

Instead of a priority, I act like it's something I do on the side. If I have time. First I need to go to work and do the job that pays. Then there are friends to spend time with and movies to watch and video games to play. I'll get around to Wednesday Theology if I have time.

That is something that I should never say, let alone think. This analysis of theological themes in a niche sector of pop culture is my main purpose. At least, it should be. But somehow I have lost some of that drive, some of that obsession, some of that madness. And I think the tie is a symbol of just how mad writing Wednesday Theology can, and should, be for me.

Maybe I'll start wearing a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

In the last MitchWords I mentioned the paper I was writing for an academic conference. I did write it. I did present it. It was an amazing experience and I always meant to write something about how that went. Hopefully I'll get around to that soon.

No, I will write that soon. Whether I have time or not. I will write.

Let's see, what else did I write about a year ago? Oh, oh yes. Yet again I wish to thank my parents for the jet pack. For all the jet packs.

Other than that, I do not have much to add. I'm going to work harder to keep Wednesday Theology more consistent and active. Feel free, Avid Fan Base, to call me out if I fail to do this. Let the fictional fan base hold me accountable. The thing is, I know someway, somehow, it will. Never underestimate the power of fiction.

Speaking of fiction, the following post will be a be a piece of prose theological fiction I wrote at one point but have barely shared with anyone. So I will choose my birthday to be self-indulgent and throw my own work out there for the masses to enjoy. Or to pick apart.

Now go and enjoy a story, even if it's not by me. Issue #13 of Saga comes out today. I am very excited about that. I plan to enjoy that story today. Also, if anyone ever wants some recommendations on graphic literature to read, I would be eager to oblige.

Thank you.

Bitter. Sarcastic. Handsome.

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