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66 Days of Preacher: Day 7

Wow. It has been a while. You know how I get distracted? Well, I get distracted. But 66 Days of Preacher continues! We left off way back when on a cliffhanger. Have you been on the edge of your seat the entire time? Or did you figure I'd never get back to this? Well, surprise! I am definitely going to slog through all 66 issues of joyous theology, blasphemy, and depravity for your entertainment.

So, to briefly recap: Jesse and Tulip went with Cassidy's friend Si to visit a blind man that might know where God is. Meanwhile, Detectives Bridges and Tool are hunting a serial killer. Tool receives a tip that the killer wants to turn himself in. While Jesse goes into the blind man's building, Si stabs Tulip! And Cassidy finds something in Si's apartment...

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Standard Preacher NSFW protocols apply.

Preacher #7 "N.Y.P.D. Blue"
Garth Ennis - Writer. Steve Dillon - Artist. Matt Hollingsworth - Colorist. Clem Robins - Letterer. Julie Rottenberg - Assoc. Editor. Stuart Moore - Editor.
Cover by Glenn Fabry.

Cassidy finds a chopped up corpse in Si's fridge. Before he can process it all, he hears the SWAT team outside. Si apparently called the police and led them to his own apartment. Cassidy can't flee, though, for it is daylight out and he is a vampire, in case anyone forgot.

Jesse finds that the blind man's apartment does not contain a blind man but Detective Bridges in a very compromising position.

We get a scene of exposition as Si explains all to Tulip. While researching Jesse and his quest for the Lord, Si uncovered the whole incident in Annville and that Jesse Custer is a wanted man. Si figures if he leads Jesse to Detective Bridges' apartment, which he just has, then he will be a hero reporter and have a buffer from all the bodies about to be discovered in his own apartment. Plus, that horror will be blamed on the man who mysteriously bursts into flames when the police knock down the door. And why does Si do all this? Because he thinks it's funny and wants to see just how much he can get away with.

Cassidy is trapped. He finds a room with more tortured bodies, not all of them completely dead yet. Before the cops burst in, he adds one to the pile: Cassidy stabs himself through the throat and plays dead.

Si goes up to Bridges' apartment to explain to the detective just who Jesse is. Detective Tool also arrives to fill his partner in on all they found at the Reaver-Cleaver's place. What's more, Tulip manages to make her way up to the apartment. Things get tense, shots are fired, and Jesse eventually uses the Genesis Voice to kill Si and escape the two detectives.

Later: Cassidy emerges from a body bag in the morgue, which rather disturbs the mortician.

Still later: Tool takes credit for taking down Si in exchange for telling the FBI that Jesse Custer was found dead in the Hudson River.

The trio part ways. Cassidy heads for San Fransisco. Jesse and Tulip head for Dallas.

As for theology, there doesn't appear to be a lot to reflect on. But since I am Mitch, I dwell and dig and focus on Si's explanation for why he does all these heinous acts: because it's fun. Isn't that the most basic explanation for why we sin? Because it's fun?

If I can be honest (and it's my blog, so deal with it) the reason I usually sin is because its fun. It is enjoyable and pleasurable for me, even if it hurts others or is an act of disobedience. Often, I just don't care. Sure, I try to rationalize or justify my behavior, but in the end it comes down to a willful act of sin for the sheer fun of it. I know I shouldn't. I know I should do better. But at the same time selfishness manages to win out.

I'm not alone on this, though. Jesus told his own disciples:
"The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." - Matthew 26:41 [NRSV]

Counts of Blasphemy: 9

Best Line: Tulip: "Whyyy...?"  Si: "Because it's fun."

Best Panel:
 Mess with Tulip and you will feel the wrath of Jesse Custer...

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