Sunday, September 2, 2012


 *Other People Are Crazy, Too.
This is where I'm just going to dump random links that don't really have anything in common except for dealing with theology and graphic literature. Or theology and pop culture. Or just theology. Or just graphic literature. Or just pop culture.

Or just because I think it's cool.

Cosmic Theology: Jack Kirby's Representations of God

August 28th would have been the late Jack Kirby's 95th birthday. As the creator and co-creator of many lasting and popular comic book characters, many comic sites celebrated the day with extensive tributes to the man and his creations. On ComicsAlliance, David Wolkin, who apparently "holds an M.A. in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary," offered some commentary on some of Kirby's drawings and depictions of God.

Spiritual Atheism

This has more to do with general pop culture than graphic literature. Steven Lloyd Wilson opines about atheist characters and creators and "spirituality." Wilson takes the stance that atheists are willing to explore "spiritual" issues in the pop culture they create because they have, or continue to, wrestle with the issues of mortality and morality. "Atheists write some of the most deeply spiritual works because they have thought about it, tortured themselves over it."

I suppose the idea is since they don't blindly accept God and the standard Christian answers to the world, atheists are forced to deeply contemplate such issues. I see the point, but would also argue that believing Christians can engage in the same critical and spiritual thinking. Of course, a little doubt to jump start the process probably doesn't hurt. Doubt can be good.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is having a promotion on graphic novels and trades published by DC Comics. Buy any two and get a third one free. More specifically, buy three and the lowest priced book is free. Now, you could load up on some Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. I certainly wouldn't judge you for that. But you could also get some Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Y-The Last Man, V for Vendetta, The Invisibles, American Virgin, Animal Man etc.

What I'm saying is, this is a perfect opportunity to get yourselves some Wednesday Theology for cheap.

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