Friday, August 10, 2012

Update: Ailment Drama

Hey there, AFB (that's Avid Fan Base to those in the know. To those not in the know, the Avid Fan Base is the fictional readership that reads this blog). So those 66 Days of Preacher, huh? Good fun, right? And they sort of just stopped without any warning. Yeah, about that...

It's still happening. They will continue. There will just need to be a delay. Time restraints demand that I breeze ahead through the rest of the issues with great swiftness, meaning I must postpone taking the time to write up a summary and musing of the theological implications of each issue. But when this other project I'm tackling (more about that soon) is more under control, I'll get back to where I left off and the insanity of the tale of Jesse Custer and crew can continue.

Oh, and the ailment drama. Yeah, I have succumbed to a cold. And anyone that knows me is well aware that my immune system sucks (and may actually hate me). What will be a simple 24 hour bug for most people tends to knock me out for a solid two weeks. All this means is that I'm falling even more behind. With everything!

But that's life, don't you know? Only make plans if you want said plans to be ruined.

So the plan is (see what I did there?) that within the next few days Preacher will return, as will a series of Daily Quotes that I have lined up. Even if I'm not writing and posting, I'm always reading and always thinking. I'm always doing Wednesday Theology.

Can't shut it off.

Won't shut it off.

- Mitch.
Bitter. Sarcastic. Handsome.

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