Friday, May 11, 2012

Previously Legitimized Environments

Entertainment theology is simply ideas about God that emerge outside of previously legitimized environments and structures of mediation.
- Entertainment Theology: New-Edge
Spirituality in a Digital Democracy
by Barry Taylor


I'm currently reading a book by Barry Taylor about postmodern theology, which he dubs "Entertainment Theology." Basically, as the quote notes, it's the idea that discussions about God have moved away from the church and are now taking place in avenues of popular culture. Movies, television, literature, and movies are all talking about God and religion in some form. I feel that Wednesday Theology would easily fit as a subset of Taylor's Entertainment Theology.

The exciting thing about this is that it means other people are thinking ideas similar to my own crazy idea. That is rather comforting. I'm not quite done with the book, but so far I don't think Taylor has mentioned graphic literature, aside from a few mentions about cinematic adaptations of superhero properties. But some of the broad strokes he paints to discuss theology in general entertainment media can easily be applied to my little niche of scholarship.

And I think graphic literature lies "outside of previously legitimized environments and structures of mediation" when it comes to theology. But who knows? Maybe someday it can be one of the accepted, principle "structures of mediation" of theology. Yeah, that might be an unlikely fantasy, but I definitely believe the format has the potential to make a significant impact on theological discourse.

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